Winter time is here, put a blanket over your geyser

Winter time is here, put a blanket over your geyser

A geyser blanket is a cloth that is used to cover the geyser and to reduce impact on your electricity bills at the end of the month. Water usually decreases at least 1 degree Celsius every hour, therefore energy is used up to keep the warmth of the geyser.

To enable the geyser to keep hot water for longer, it has a steel casing that insulates he geyser against loss of heat.

All geysers benefit from good insulations; you can still improve your geyser’s energy efficiency by installing a geyser blanket. Hot water electricity uses at least 40% consumption; it is very important to reduce heat loss in this area. Constant energy is needed to maintain the temperature; a geyser blanket can cut this energy use by half the amount.

How to choose you geyser blanket

When in the market for a geyser blanket you need to take note of the “R-value”, this is a thermal resistance indicator. The function of this is to represent the ability of material to resist the transfer of heat.

The higher the value is the better the blanket, R-value depends on the type of material that is used. Do not buy the thickest blanket you can find without finding its thermal stats. Make sure that your blanket is bigger than your geyser.

Benefits of geyser blankets

Geyser blankets are strong, light and flexible with tear resistance. It stabilizes heat for durability and the blanket is non-toxic. Effective in a temperature from -20 degree Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.

The geyser blanket is also water proof, has a great finish with good light reflectance. Easiest thermal to install, and this saves electricity at the end of the month, which everyone looks to save.

How to install a geyser blanket?

Here are 5 easy and simple steps on how to install a geyser blanket if you need to do it yourself.

Cut out parts of the blanket for pipes and brackets.

Wrap the blanket around the geyser

Join the blankets edges and cuts and seal it with sealing tape, ensure that the exterior is covered.

Fit the covers on the side onto the geyser

Finally wrap outlet pipe with an insul strip.

Contact Insulpro for more information on geyser blankets

So as you can see there is a lot of benefits of geyser blankets in your household, number one being that it will be savings you some money at the end of the month. For more information on geyser blankets contact one of our consultants at Insulpro or visit our web site today.

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