Winter is Coming! How Efficient is Your Home’s Heating?

Winter is Coming! How Efficient is Your Home’s Heating?

There was a time when winter was easy to do battle with. Whip out a few blankets and the old oil heater, pay the little extra in electricity costs and get on with it. Though South Africa has found itself in a bit of an energy crisis over the past few years, which has lead people to scramble to find alternative heating solutions that put less stress on the national power grid, and those that work when load-shedding hits. Heating a home eats through electricity, especially when the house is not effective at controlling inner-temperatures. That is where home insulation becomes a beneficial and important concern for homes.

The Rising Costs of Raising Temperatures

When it comes to electricity consumption, any device that generates heat, generally consumes the most electricity. Consider that boiling a kettle once will cost more in power than leaving a light on for an entire day.

Now apply that principle to the heating power of underfloor heaters, oil heaters or HVAC systems, and your electricity costs start to mount substantially.

With the correct insulation, your home will lock that heat in which means that appliances can be used more sparingly, saving you a ton of money in the long run on heating bills.

An Unreliable Energy Source

Winter poses a unique challenge to South Africans. As more and more homes take to heating their homes with costly appliances, the more pressure is put on the national power-grid, which means that load shedding is almost always a guarantee in the cold months.

This means that your nights will not only be dark, but cold as well.

The right insulation will lock heat in your home, which means that you will be able to stay cosy even when there is no electricity available to power your heating appliances.

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