What Your Leather Handbag Says About You

There are so many things that we choose to wear or to use that lets the world know who we are, what we like, how we think and what we stand for. Our handbags, our shoes, our nail polish colours contribute to who we are and other people interpret these little details about us to try relate to us or understand us. Our handbags, like our shoes, let everyone know who we are and how we are, and how we live our lives.


There are so many types of handbags for so many different types of people. A handbag is a bit of a cheat code to understanding a little bit about a person. A tie-dye hemp handbag lets the world know that this person is a free spirit who embraces nature and the best side of people. A person with a name branded handbag might be an upmarket person who is keeping up with the latest trends, or they are exceptionally brand loyal, that is of course brand dependant. While some people enjoy a bag that screams them, like a feminine lady will have a more girly design while person more rough around the edges wants a bag that highlights that fact about themselves.

Function vs. Fashion

Of course there are people who prefer function over fashion, such as people who tend to have larger handbags; these bags are able to carry anything and everything that they might need – like wet wipes, make up, small snacks and maybe even some tools. While people who have smaller bags tend to not want to carry a lot of stuff, for convenience or they’re out often and a big bag gets in the way of a party. Of course you’re going to get a bag that still matches your style, but you’re looking for beautiful bags that can also carry everything you need it to.

A Leather Handbag 

A leather handbag shows that you can make a commitment and that you can make things work. It means that you’re resilient to life’s challenges and you know how to take care of your stuff. By taking care of your stuff, you are taking pride in yourself. You obviously have more than one style, because leather bags do come in different shapes and designs that really help you, and show off your amazing tastes. A leather handbag shows that you are able to make brave choices that suit you and you don’t let other people make choices for you. You’re an amazing person that is ready to take on the world, because everything you need is kept in your beautiful handbag!

Getting a Handbag

Leather 1 has a selection of beautiful leather handbags that are designed to help you in your day to day life. They have handbags that are there to let everyone know who you are and that you’re confident within yourself and your choices. Browse the selection of handbags and purses that are there to suit your individual needs.

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