What is IsoBoard: Uses, Benefits and Installations

IsoBoard is a polystyrene material used for insulation, it comes in different lengths and thickness and can be used for isolating walls, roofs or floors. Using IsoBoards for insulation has many benefits beyond its purpose of use.

The Benefits of Using IsoBoard for Insulation

There are a lot of benefits in using Is IsoBoard as your preferred method of installation. IsoBoard has a very high heat flow resistance which is perfect for either keeping heat inside or keeping cool air inside.

Not only is it very durable and has a very high life span, proving to withstand very rough conditions, it is also very aesthetically pleasing, its white painted wood appearance and its ability to be used on the outside of walls and ceilings makes it the perfect insulation to cover up old or damaged ceilings or walls.

Another great benefit is it is mould and insect resistant; mould spores cannot grow on IsoBoards and there are no organic materials for small insects or bacteria to feed on, this makes it perfect for home or office use.

In case of a fire IsoBoards self-extinguish and does not spur on flames to spread. IsoBoard contains fire retardant gasses causing it to soften and shrink away from the fire, decreasing the area susceptible to the flames.

IsoBoards can also be used as noise insulation in various different industries where noise is an issue.

How is IsoBoard installed?

Some of the common IsoBoards roof application methods are: installing Isoboards by nail-up ceiling applications fitted to brandering using adhesives and clips, using roof screws to secure between the purlins and the roof sheets, over trusses or rafters secured by screws or under trusses and rafters.

Isoboards can also be applied between wall cavities which are great for houses with high ceilings or underneath floors, below or above floor slabs.

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