Use Insulation as Your Weapon This Winter

Use Insulation as Your Weapon This Winter

As we approach the cold of the Winter months, many South African’s are buying generators in an attempt to keep their homes warm in spite of the inevitable power outages to come. When the power is ‘unplugged’, instead of staying cold and in the dark, generators can light up spaces and keep the heat circulating.


There are many inconveniences experienced as a result of load shedding and power outages; cooking, studying, showering or bathing and keeping warm are only a few of the things that a lack of electricity inhibits. In South Africa, generators have almost become a necessary machine to have, but like most things, there are pros and cons to using a generator. One of the cons is the incredibly loud and disruptive humming sound that they can make.

Acoustic Insulation for Winter?

Yes! Generators can make your life exponentially easier, but if the noise emitted from them is driving you crazy, then it may be time to find a solution. No, you don’t have to get rid of your generator and all the comfort that it provides. Certain insulation professionals offer services that specifically target acoustic insulation of generators.

Essentially, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that your generator has to offer, without the ear ringing that it usually gives you.

Heat Insulation

Acoustic insulation is not the only way that insulation can make your life more comfortable this winter. Various points of insulation and types of house insulation can also serve you by helping the heat circulate in a particular space, whilst minimizing heat transfer (or the loss of heat). Insulating your ceiling or walls noticeably regulates and helps to maintain the desired temperature.

All the Comfort, None of the Fuss

Enjoy all the comfort, warmth and peace this winter by ensuring that your generator has been adequately insulated for sound. Take it one step further by insulating your walls and ceiling so that you can use your generator’s power most efficiently by helping to circulate and entrap the heat that is being generated. Contact Insulpro or visit their website today.

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