Ultimate Thermo Pipe Insulation

Resin-bonded high temperature resistant mineral wool, cylindrical sections. The pipe sections are supplied plain, however they can be covered with canvas where painting/color coding is required,  or covered with aluminium foil where a vapour barrier is required.

Technical Data

Thermal and acoustic insulation of pipe work in power generation, oil refineries, chemical plants and industrial steam and process pipe work.

Will provide effective acoustical insulation where there is a need to reduce noise levels from pipe work. Actual performance varies with thickness and surface finish.

Isover products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008.

  • Mineral wool developed for high temperature applications.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity which reduces heat loss Rockwool rigid pipe sections.
  • Shot free.
  • Lightweight products, easy to handle.
  • Soft touch, easy cutting.
  • Outstanding flexibility; pipe sections can be opened and closed several times without breaking into two pieces.
  • Fast and efficient installation.
  • Chemically inert and when applied under controlled conditions will not promote or cause corrosion.
  • Meets the European criteria in being non hazardous to health (EUCEB certificate).
  • Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP).