The Best Roof Insulation for You!

The Best Roof Insulation for You!

Thermal Insulation

This is the most popular type of insulation.

It is a green insulation product that is easy and quick to install in the roof, geyser or wall of a house.

Also known as “Isotherm”, it is considered to be the eco-friendliest insulation because it has been made from 100% thermally bonded polyester.

Think Pink

Think Pink is a form of ceiling insulation.

The Aerolite insulation is very effective because it is a roll form insulation therefore the thickness is consistent throughout the roll.

The acoustic Think Pink insulation helps improve living environments by absorbing sounds from both inside and outside the house to create a quieter environment.

This makes it ideal for noisy neighbourhoods and home cinemas. IT can also be used to improve the acoustics of noisy industrial settings.

Think Pink also contains no sustenance for rodents or pests, which means that it won’t attract any of them to your living spaces.


Ductwrap is a thermal insulation blanket designed to wrap around aircon insulation ducts.

It is commonly noticed and recognised for its tin-foil appearance. It is manufactured from high quality, non-combustible Glasswool.

This makes it not only effective at insulating air ducts, but also a safe bet.

Insulation Checks

Before completing the installation any form of roof insulation, it is vital to check the required space for air leakage, cracks or gaps and other issues that could push back the insulation process. Any presence of such issues could result in less effective insulation and a lowered state of energy efficiency within the structure.

Contact Insulpro for Details

We here at Insulpro offer specialised home insulation services for residential, commercial and industrial setups.

For more information on the best roof insulations systems for you, check out the Insulpro website today, or contact one of our representatives for details our offers and services.



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