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Q147 Mastic  Black

Q147 is an acrylic copolymer/pigment blend designed for applications where exceptional durability, flexibility and UV resistance is required. It is particularly suited for use as a protective coating on roof coverings of all kinds and is ideal for rejuvenating faded roof tiles. Q147 is also recommended as a top quality wall and floor coating, where durability and wash-ability is required.

Technical Data

Apply Q147 at a spread rate of 4 – 5 sq metres per litre per coat. Tiled surfaces require a coating rate of 1 – 2 sq metres per litre due to their roughness and increased porosity. It is recommended that at least 2 coats are applied. Allow at least 2 hours drying between coats.

Colour Black
Base Acrylic copolymer blend
Solids  46% w/w (approximately)
Viscosity 500-600 cP Brookfield
Mass per litre 1.15
Spread rate 4-5 sq metres per litre
Scrubbability Over 12,000 scrubs (SABS = 10,000)
Cleanup Water when wet or methylated spirits when dry

  • Non flammable and non toxic.
  • May be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Easy cleanup.

Q147 has been specifically designed as a multipurpose coating and is suitable for application to the following substrates :
Cement, concrete, brickwork, bitumen roofing felt and galvanized sheeting.

Do not apply if rain is imminent as approximately 3 hours drying is required for adequate coalescence.Best applied in the morning as heat buildup of the substrate in the middle of the day will effect adhesion. Protect from freezing.

Application Temp Limits +10°C to +40°C
Service Temp Limits -10°C to +80°C
Storage Temp Limits +10°C to +40°C
Shelf Life 6 months in unopened containers
Packaging 20 litres, 5 litres, 1 litres
Shipping Classifications Non combustible, non hazardous