Myths About Home Insulation You Should Stop Believing

Myths About Home Insulation You Should Stop Believing

Home insulation is generally best left to the professionals, which is all fine and well. But when laymen don’t really know what goes into a service, myths often arise in place of facts, which can make it difficult to understand the true nature of a service, how it can benefit you, ands what its drawbacks are.

Here we will go over a few of the most prevalent myths about house insulation so that you can better understand the importance of it for your home.

Insulation Only Works in Winter

While it is true that insulation is great for keeping your home warm in the winter months, it is equally affective at locking cool air in during summer.

Insulation stops heat from escaping your home through the walls and ceiling, but it also stops warm air from coming in. This makes it as effective in summer as it is in winter.

Insulation Attracts Pests to Your Home

Much older forms of insulation materials were made from substances that could provide pests with sustenance, which would attract them to areas where insulation has been installed. These days, however, most forms of insulation have nothing in them that pests can feed on, and so they don’t attract pests to your home.

Insulation is Costly

The initial expense of insulating your home should be considered a necessary one. This cost, however, is dwarfed by the cost of heating or cooling your home with appliances.

Insulation makes your home more energy efficient, which significantly reduces monthly power costs, which means that it actually contributes to long-term savings.

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