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How to measure

How To Measure

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 Method of measuring completed thermal insulation.

 Method A

  • Straight pipe:
    • Shall be measured from origin to terminus point or junction, along the centre-line of the pipe. Measurements shall be through pipe flanges and fittings, but only if the flanges and fittings are insulated.
    • Elbows or bends shall be measured through to the intersection of the centre lines of the pipe.
    • Reducers shall be counted as one fitting of the larger size involved and omitted from the count of the smaller size.
    • Tees shall be counted as one fitting, and if an unequal tee, shall be counted as a fitting of the smaller size.
    • Quantities shall be to the nearest whole number (0.51 and larger to the whole number above).
  • Fittings:
    • Shall be counted per each.


Method B


Applicable where the contract has quoted unit rate per square metre of completed insulation.
Areas of completed insulation will be measured. Should there be any items not detailed, the client and the contractor are to agree on a system of measurement in advance.



  • All external insulation is measured over the outer surface area of the completed insulation.
  • All internal insulation is measured over the surface area which has been insulated.
  • The method establishes actual areas of insulation and makes no extra over allowance for the difficulty of work as regards formwork or height. Should the contractor wish to charge an increased rate for difficult work he should specify to which items the quoted increased rate will apply.
  • Quantities shall be calculated to the nearest whole number (0.51 and larger to the whole number above).



  • Cut-outs under 1.0m2 are not deducted.
  • End-cap areas are measured to establish the actual surface area of insulation.


Cut outs in such areas are treated as follows:

  • If the gross area of the end cap is less than 1.0m2 cut-outs are not deducted.
  • If the gross area of the end cap is 1.0m2 or greater, deduct cut-outs, but subject to rule (a) above.
  • Pockets, niches, flattening shall be measured as if the cladding remains symmetrical.

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