Lower those Winter Power Costs with Insulpro

Wintertime in South Africa can be harsh and cold, particularly for those homes that aren’t prepared to adequately lock warmth inside, while keeping cool air outside in the cold.

One of the most common responses to living in a cold house is to invest in heating appliances which become expensive to run, since they end up taking up most of your electricity budget.

Fortunately, there is a solution that will help keep those temperatures up, while pushing the price of doing so down; home insulation.

Winter Time is Insulation Time

You may be thinking ‘but Summer time is the time for insulation’, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but so too is winter if you haven’t had it done yet. The right insulation should be seen as the first line of defence against any harsh weather conditions, since it allows your home to lock temperate air inside to ensure comfortable living conditions.

The Cost of Running a Heater

Any appliance that generates heat, is an expensive one to run. It is estimated that boiling a kettle just once consumes the same amount of electricity as leaving a 30w globe burning for an entire day. Heaters, which are left on for much longer periods of time, also generate high levels of heat, which means that they are one of the biggest consumers of electricity wherever they are used, making them very expensive to run.

Keeping Hot Air Inside

While there is nothing wrong with using heaters to warm your living spaces, there is no point in doing so if that warm air is just going to escape through the walls and ceiling. Insulation is the exact solution for stopping this from happening, which means that your heating appliances will need to be used less, which will save you money on electricity costs.

Contact Insulpro for Details

If you would like to know more about having your home insulated, speak to a team member from Insulpro today or visit our website for details on our offers.

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