Insulpro Hardsetting Plaster 1000°C Non-Asbestos

The product is suitable for application to thermal insulation of various types and sets without the application of heat. TPH plaster produces a robust surface layer resistant weather, impact and abrasion damage. If necessary it can be painted.

Technical Data

Mix with clean water and can be applied direct onto steam pipes, valves and bends with temperatures up to 1000°C. Insulpro CC Hardsetting Plaster can be applied over other plasters or fibre insulations, (blanket or modules) providing it has been covered and secured with wire mesh or expanded metal in the case of flat overhangs. Best results are obtained by applying two coats of 5-8mm thick, allowing the first coat to dry before the second coat is applied.

Composition A specially developed mixture of inorganic mineral fibres, cement and chemically inert fillers. When mixed
with water, this composition forms a general-purpose protective coating with self-setting properties.
Thermal Conductivity 100°C – 0.068 W/mK
250°C – 0.079 W/mk
600°C – 0.091 W/mK
Mixing Water Content 10-15 litres/25kg
Limiting Temperature 0°C ot 110°C
Density After Application  900kg/m³
Shelf Life Indefinite under dry conditions
Covering Capacity 6m² = 6mm thick
Elasticity 3%