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Insulglue Adhesive

Insulglue Adhesive is available in a 500ml bottle and a 20l drum.

Safety Data

Chemical character and proposed application: Flammable solvent-based adhesive.

Substances presenting a health hazard within the meaning of the Chemical Regulations ’93 (Hazard Inf. and Packaging).

Name of substance UN-Code Conc. % w/w R-phrases Hazchem Risk Labeling Code
SBP 50/115 1271 68-72 R10/18/20/36/37/38 3YEXn

For full text of the R-phrases see Section 15 and 16.

Type of danger: Flammable and harmful.
Special information for humans and environment: Toxic vapours. Can cause skin irritation after repeated contact.

General information: In case of doubt, or when symptoms persist, seek medical attention. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

Inhalation: Remove the patient to fresh air.
Skin contact: Wash thoroughly with clean water. A skin-cleaner may be used. Do NOT use solvents or thinners.
Eye contact: Contact lenses should be removed. Irrigate copiously with clean, fresh water for at least 10 minutes holding the eyelids apart, seek medical advice.
Ingestion: If accidentally swallowed obtain immediate medical attention. Do NOT induce vomiting. The main hazard is aspiration into the lungs. Obtain medical advice.

Extinguishing media: Carbon Dioxide, dry chemical powder, foam, sand or earth.
Not to be used: Do not use water in a jet.
Particular danger provocated by the product or its smoke after case of fire : Fire will produce dense black smoke, containing hazardous products of combustion. Those products may be a hazard to health.
Particular personal protection: Appropriate self-contained breathing apparatus may be required. Cool closed containers exposed to fire with water-spray.

Personal measures of attention: Avoid skin contact.
Protection of the environment: The product is a liquid. It contains dangerous components. Collect spillage for disposal according to the waste regulations.
Procedure of cleaning and removing: Contain and collect the product in mechanical way. Do not dispose in sewers. Contain spillage with sand.
Clean preferably with a detergent, avoid the use of solvents.
Disposal see Section 13.

Indication for secure handling: FLAMMABLE containers
Indication for fire/explosion-protection: Store according to the requirements of SABS 089:1985.
Demands for spaces of storage and vessels: Store in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from heat and direct sunlight at temperature not above 35°C and away from sparks.
Information on storage together with other products: Store separately from strongly oxidizing agents and strongly alkaline and acidic materials.
More information on conditions of storage: Store only in containers of origin (or containers which are similar). Observe the label precautions. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place not above 30°C, protected against heat and direct sunlight.
Storage Class: Class 1 Division 1a.

Technical safety measures: Provide adequate ventilation. This may be achieved by local or general exhaust ventilation. If these are not sufficient to maintain solvent vapor-conc. below the exposure limits, suitable respiratory protective equipment has to be worn.
Components with limits to be controlled:

Name of substance TLV(mg/m³) (ppm) STEL (mg/m³) S-Phrases
SBP 50/115 (Benzine) 500 1000 S2,S16,S25,S26,S28,S38

Respirator: Provide respiratory protection.
Hand protection: Wear gloves, advice should be sought from glove suppliers.
Barrier creams may help to protect exposed areas of the skin. (They are not substitutes for physical protection, don’t apply them after exposure).
Eye protection: Eye protection to protect against liquid splashes should be worn.
Skin protection: Suitable working overall.

State: liquid
Colour: golden brown
Smell: sweet synthetic

  Value Unit Method
Flash point -20 °C Abel closed cup IP170
Viscosity at 25°C liquid 1500-2000 CP Brookfield
Density at 25°C 0,74 g/ml DIN 51 757/C
Lower explosion limit 0,6 vol %
Upper explosion limit 8,0 vol %
Point of ignition 240 °C ASTM D2155
Solubility in water immiscible
Solubility in fat/solvents soluble 20°C
Content of solvents 72,00 %
Vapour pressure @ 20°C 155 mbar @20°C
Boiling point  67 – 77 °C
pH-Value at 20°C n.a.

Conditions: Stable under recommended storage and handling conditions (see Sect. 7)
Conditions and substances to avoid: Avoid high temperatures (above 35° C). Don’t bring in contact with oxidizing agents or strongly alkaline, acidic or oxidizing materials.
Dangerous substances of decomposition: In a fire hazardous decomposition products such as smoke, CO², CO may be produced.

The inhalation of the vapours of the preparation may cause hazards to the health. (Irritation of mucous membrane, the respiratory system, damages of kidney and liver, adverse effects on the central nervous system).

The product is a liquid and classified dangerous. There is no data available on polluting the environment.

Product: Do not allow to enter drains / water courses or ground water.
Key of disposal: 57110
Name of disp.: Wastes of glues
Waste, including containers are controlled wastes and should be disposed in accordance to the Control of Pollution Act/Environment protecting Act.
Uncleaned packing: Eventually dispose by recycling.

UN Number 1133

CLASS-3.1  Pack Group – 2  Symbol – FLAMMABLE LIQUID
SHIPPING CODE: Adhesives UN 1133

Rail (RID)
CLASS – 3  Item 3(B)  Symbol – FLAMMABLE LIQUID

Road (ADR)
CLASS – 3   Item 3(B)  Kemler Plate – 33 (1203)

Air (ICAO)
CLASS – 3  Pack Group 2  Symbol – FLAMMABLE LIQUID

Passenger Aircraft
Maximum quantity per package: 5lt
U.N. packing instruction: 305
Transitional packaging Inst. No.: T300

S 2 Keep out of the reach of children.
S 16 Keep away from sources of ignition.
S 25 Avoid contact with eyes.
S 26 In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S 28 After contact with skin wash immediately with plenty of detergents and water.
S 38 In case of insufficient ventilation wear suitable respiratory equipment.
S 45 In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately, (show the label when possible).

Risk labeling: Xn (harmful)

R 10 Flammable
R 18 In use, may form inflammable / explosive vapour air mixture.
R 20 Harmful by inhalation.
R 36/37/38 Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
R 42 May cause sensitization by inhalation.

The information in this safety data sheet is provided in accordance with the national Chemicals Regulations and EU-Directives. The product should not be used for purposes other than those shown in Section 1 without first referring to the supplier and obtaining written handling instructions. As the specific conditions of use of the product are outside the supplier’s control, the user is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of relevant laws are complied with. The information contained in this sheet is based on the present state of knowledge and current national legislation. It provides guidance on health, safety and environment aspects and should not be construed as any guarantee of technical performance or suitability for particular application.