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Insulfelt/rock wool/mineral wool is used and specified for acoustic and thermal insulation treatment on an enormously wide range of plants and equipment.

Technical Data

Some day-to-day applications include:

  • Steam raising plant (boiler side walls, ducting, precipitators, etc.).
  • Turbines.
  • Calorifyers and reactors.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Tanks and vessels – process and storage.
  • Baking and drying ovens.
  • Annealing furnaces and soaking pits.
  • Commercial or domestic stoves and cookers.
  • Air-conditioning ducting and equipment.
  • Road and rail tanker vehicles.
  • Road and Rail passenger vehicles and caravans.
  • Ship bulkheads.

Insulfelt may be easily cut and shaped with simple tools such as a knife or old hacksaw blade. In the medium and high density forms, it can be readily plastered.

Maximum service temperature of 650°C.

Lapinus furnace/boiler slab is non combustible when tested according to ASTM E-136-82 / DIN 4102 and several other international standards.