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Insulation Contractors


Established 1967

Vedder & Moffat is a leading Thermal Insulation Company Specializing in Hot and Cold Insulation.

In all our work we never compromise on quality and have a reputation for quality of workmanship. Insulation is the single most effective way to control energy expenditure at home and industrial applications.


Vedder & Moffat specializes in the Supply and Application of Thermal Insulation of:

  •  Steam Pipes.
  •  Vessels.
  •  Boilers.
  •  Ducting.
  • Chilled Water Pipe.
  • Product Lines.
  • A very experienced staff managed by 12 site Supervisors.
  • The average length of service between the sheet metal workers and laggers is approximately 15 years. Many have over 20 years service with the Company.
  • Insulation to vessels, heat exchanges, lobster back bends etc. and sheet metal development is manufactured in the factory.
  • Most Contracts are Insulated on the Site.
  • A large stainless steel vessel being insulated in the factory prior to delivery to the breweries.
  • Typical industrial electric hot water storage heaters. Typically used in hotels, hostels, and ablution blocks. Used extensively by Government Departments Mines and Commercial undertakings to supply large quantities of hot water.