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Hot Insulation for Hotels

Hot Insulation for Hotels

Thermal insulation services are typically associated with industrial and mining industries, but they have an important role to play in the hospitality industry as well.

Ensuring that your hotel offers a temperate and comfortable environment for your guests (especially during the winter months) is an important part of keeping them satisfied, and it needs to be done at a reasonable cost.

That’s where outfitting it with the right insulation materials becomes a very important consideration to make.

Improve the Comfort of Guests & Staff

The primary purpose behind opting for heat insulation in your hotel is improving the experience offered to your guests. While you may not notice the importance of doing so during the summer months, in winter, it becomes all the more important.

Regardless of the size of your hotel (which will have an obvious effect on the initial cost), insulation is an important consideration with regards to the comfort of your guests.

Minimise Energy Consumption Costs

Of course you could opt for heaters, AC units and a whole host of other appliances and facilities that heat the building effectively, but none of them account for heat loss, which means that they will have to work consistently, compensating for any heat you lose through walls and the ceiling.

Insulation stops this from happening, which means that as heat is retained, your appliances will need fewer resources to work effectively. The results of this are substantial savings on the cost of electricity.

Sound Control as a Bonus

Hotel guests love their privacy, and you need to be able to offer that to them. Insulation offers an added bonus of giving your hotel better sound control, which means that what happens in each room, stays in that room. Guests won’t have to listen to the TV next door, the bar downstairs or those kids playing at the swimming pool.

Contact Vedder and Moffat for Details

If you would like to know more about our specialised insulation services in Johannesburg feel free to get into contact with a representative from Vedder and Moffat today, or visit our website for additional information on our offers.

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