DUCT TAPE (CLOTH TAPE/GAFFER) 2017-09-19T14:06:08+00:00

Duct Tape (Cloth Tape/Gaffer)

Laminated polyethylene cloth, single coated with a high tack synthetic rubber adhesive.

Technical Data

  • Sealing duct work.
  • Holding insulation materials in place.
  • Creating a condensation barrier in refrigeration assemblies.

Colours: Black, Silver, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green – Gloss Black and White – Matt. The standard length is 25m, available in width 24mm.

  • Polyethylene plastic backing for waterproofing.
  • Cloth middle layer helps to facilitate tearing by hand.
  • Rubber adhesive helps to resist water and provides for a durable hold.

These products should be tested before use, to ensure suitability for intended application.