M622 duct sealer is an elastomeric self-setting material custom made for the permanent sealing of ducts in medium to high velocity air-conditioning installations.
It exhibits good flexibility over a wide range of temperatures and excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals.

Technical Data

  • Suitable for sealing gaps up to 6mm wide
  • Excellent resistance to water, a wide variety of chemical contaminants and oil splashes
  • Flexibility at temperatures to -30°C
  • Will withstand continuous exposure to 90°C
  • Flame retardent when dry
  • Aggressive adhesion to a variety of surfaces without priming
  • Suitable for trowel, brush or gun application

Surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil. Galvanized iron sheeting should first be cleaned with Pekaklene YY99 Degreaser and Rust Remover, rinsed off, and allowed to dry.
Priming is not usually necessary; however, if any doubt exists as to the suitability of the substrate, a test patch should be made.
The most economical method of application is to lay a bead of sealer along the inside edges of a lap seam using a caulking gun. Care should be taken to draw an even bead along the surface to prevent “weak points”. Brush or spatula application may also be used, but this is not as economical.
M622 should be allowed to air-dry for 48 hours before being put to full use.

Number of Components1
BaseNon hardening oil-resistant elastomers, contains Hypalon® and Nitrile rubbers
Solids45% w/w
Mass per liter1,02kg
ViscosityPenetration 380
Theorectical CoverageA 6mm bead requires approx 30ml / l.m.
Flash pointLess than 10°C (wet) does not sustain flame dry
Drying time
  • Tack free 1 - 2 hours
  • Full cure 72 hours
Thinners / cleanupC411 solvent
Shelf lifeMinimum 6 months at room temperature in unopened containers
Service temperature limits-30° to 90°C
Storage temperature limits5° to 30°C
Shipping ClassificationFlammable (Class B Solvents)
Packing6kg, 30kg drums, 330gm (315ml) cartridges

HIGHLY FLAMMABLE WET. Do not smoke during use. Do not expose to naked flame.
Avoid prolonged breathing of vapours. Ensure adequate ventilation when working in confined space.
Do not apply during cold inclement weather as surface condensation may impair the bond strength of the adhesive.
Protect from freeing during storage. Product will thicken with prolonged storage and may need to be thinned before use.


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