Compriflex Sheeting is a cellular polyethylene foam, which has properties that make it suitable for a number of diversified applications. It has high insulation and acoustic properties and is remarkably versatile. It can be cut, sliced, punched, embossed, thermoformed and laminated to various substrates or made self-adhesive. Applications are air-conditioning, refrigeration, acoustic, protective packaging, household D-I-Y, automotive, solar heating and other applications.

Technical Data

Compriflex insulation can be used for the insulation of hot water, refrigeration and air-conditioning lines, central heating and sanitary pipes. Other applications are the protection of furniture, glass and bicycles during transport. Edge protection of children’s playground and sports equipment. Compriflex insulation is ideal for buried pipes as its closed cell structure ensures minimal moisture absorption and reaction with soils. Suitable alternatives can be used where pipework is insulated prior to installation. It must be coated with an acrylic based paint to protect against UV damage.

  • Width is 1200mm.
  • Thickness in nominal (tolerance 5%) 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25mm.
  • Minimum roll length 10 meters
  • Operating temperatures -40°C to + 90°C
  • Sheeting is CFC free.
  • Sheeting is flame retardent.
  • Pre-formed, fire retardant, closed cell, flexible Polyethylene foam.
  • Applications: Insulation for hot and cold water pipes.
  • Operating temp. limits: -40 °C to +90 °C.
  • Standard lengths: 2 Metres.


Product information:

  • For sizes greater than ZG114 refer to Elastopipe
  • 20mm and 25mm wall thickness available on request
  • Standard colour black/grey
  • Fire retardant
  • Compriflex Pipe insulation is CFC free
  • For exterior applications, Compriflex must be protected with cladding or approved exterior acrylic PVA coating
  • For correct thickness and specific temperature refer to Thermograph or contact INSULPRO CC on (011) 835-2127
  • Thermal conductivity .036 W/m.K
  • Water absorption at 23°C is less than 2% by volume after 28 days.

Product Information:

  • Thickness is nominal (tolerance 5%) 10,12,15,20,25mm
  • Supplied in 2m x 1m sheets or in strips with or without TEAR-OFF STRIP
  • Operating temperature -40°C to + 90°C
  • CFC free

Product Information:

  • Compriflex Ductwrap is a flexible insulation wap, specially engineered to meet the requirement of external lagging of air conditioning ducting
  • Compriflex Ductwrap is also CFC free
  • It consists of low density closed cell polyethylene foam which is flame retardent and faced with an aluminium foil
  • Low Thermal Conductivity 0,033W/M/K at mean temperature of 20°C in accordance with DIN 2613
  • Moisture absorption less than 2% by volume after 28 days

Compriflex insulation is available with a standard 15mm well thickness. Other sizes are available on request. The standard length is 2m. It is also available in a solid tube without the zip.

DensityNominal 40Kg/m³
Cell StructureFine, closed cell
Chemical ResistanceResists most common acids and chemicals
ToxicityNon-Toxic. Product is flame retardent but in the event of burning, level of smoke given off is low and non-toxic.

  • Sabs test FPE/84773/07
  • Smoke toxicity index = 0
Thermal Conductivity0,031 to 0,043 W/m.K over the -50°C to +50°C temperature range. SABS test 2332.AK 938-1
Operating Temperature-40°C to +90°C
Water Absorption<2% after 28 days. Does not absorb water and therefore not only protects your pipes against energy loss but also against condensation and corrosion.
WeatherabilityVery good. Does however require a coating of exterior acrylic paint for protection against UV degradation.
Standard Length2 meters
Wall Thickness15mm
Size Range10 mm diameter upwards
InstallationAll edges and ends must be butted together, where support and spacer blocks are used - pipe insulation must be butted up to the block and sealed.

The effective way of forming an expansion joint. Material supplied in rolls or sheets. Material supplied with or without tear off (T/O) strips. We can cut sheets to suit a template or dimension.

IS 40


Expansion joints in: paving, pool deck, concrete flooring, between columns and brickwork.



IS 100 / 150


Reservoirs, expansion joints in water retention and sewerage works.

IS 40IS 100
Nominal Density40 kg/m³100 kg/m³
Elongation at Break116%98%
Tensile Strength at 70%327 kPa782 kPa
Tear Strength of Width4,2 N / MM5,4 N / MM

Compriflex insulation must be installed tightly around the pipework, without gaps, edges and ends tightly butted. All joints must be taped using a 50-75mm self-adhesive PVC tape. Where necessary, the pipe sections can be cut and mitred together to ensure a tight fit around bends and tees. Metal cladding is required for areas where the product is subject to mechanical damage.


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