Scrim Cloth – White

Woven fabrics are strong reinforcements because the fibres are bundled into yarns oriented in just two directions. The warp and fill yarns run at 0 and 90 degrees respectively. Thus, fabrics are anisotropic (or strong) in only two directions. Fabrics need to be oriented so the fibre yarns run parallel to the expected loads. If extra strength is needed in a different direction, another ply must be added, at an angle different to the first. The most common angles are +/- 45 degrees. Scrim cloth can be used in repair applications or for reinforcement of other types of materials including fibreglass, concrete and some plastics. When the scrim cloth is fully cured it will add reinforcement and mimic the expansion and contraction of the surrounding substrate.

Technical Data

  • Carpet Backing
  • Sheet Rock Bonding Tape
  • Rubber Mat Backing
  • Decorative Skylights
Style: 1659
Finish: 271
Weave Pattern Leno
Yard Description Warp: ECG 150 1/0, Fill: ECG 75 1/
Count: Ends x Picks (in): 20 x 10
Weight 1.6 oz / yd2
Breaking Strength: (lb / in) | Warp: 65 lb / in, Fill: 70 lb / in
Thickness: 0.0042 in
Roll Length: 100 yd
High Tensile Strength: Glass is one of the strongest textile fibres by having greater specific tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter.
Dimensional Stability: Elongation under load which is generally 3% or less. Glass fibre produces fabric with excellent dimensional stability under various types of conditions.
High Heat Resistance: Glass fabrics have excellent dimensional stability under various types of conditions.
Fire Resistance: Inorganic materials such as glass fabrics are non-combustible which is the natural choice where flammability is a concern.
Chemical Resistance: Fibreglass fabrics are highly resistant to attack by most chemicals.
Durability: Glass fabrics are unaffected by sunlight, fungus, or bacteria because it is an inert material.
Economical: Glass fabrics are lower in cost than many other fabrics for smaller applications.



Sonic Cloth

Glass Fibre Fabric made from GlassYarn.


Technical Data

Black Sonic Liner.

Material: E-Glass
Max. Continuous º C: 550 º C
Temp. Resistance: NA
Loss On Ignition %: 9.2
Weight g/m ²: 130 (+-6)
Width mm: 1270
Setting cm: 12 x 11.5
Wrap Tex: 150 1/0 (EC9 – 34)
Weft Tex: 75 1/0 (EC9 – 68)
Tensile Strength kg/5cm: Wrap – 130, Weft – 232
Weave: Plain
Thickness mm: 0.125
Roll Length m: 500


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