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Ceramic Sqaure Braided Rope 

Technical Data

Suitable for sealing at high temperatures in doors, lids and flaps.

Ceramic square braided rope exhibit chemical stability resisting attack from most corrosive agents. Exceptions are hydrofluoric acids and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis. It also resists oxidation and reductions. If wet by water or steam, its thermal properties are resorted upon drying. No water of hydration is present.

Basic Composition Alumino-Silica Braided Yarns Around Core
Shape Square
Dimensions 10mm to 60mm – 15m to 50m
Density 500 to 510kg/m³
Reinforcement Thermoglass core in yarn centre
Carrier Viscose fibre (20%) in mix
Product Number 722-71-010-0100
Operating Temperature 600°C depending on the exact application
Finish Loomstate