ALUMINIUM SHEETS 1050 PAINTED 2017-09-13T11:02:32+00:00

Aluminium Sheets 1050 painted

This is a common alloy with moderate strength. Material can be supplied in the mill, painted and stucco embossed finishes.

Technical Data

Alloy and Temper: 1050 H42
Proof (MPa) (minimum): 93
UTS (MPa): 102-122
% Elongation (minimum): 7%
Bend Radius (90° bend): OT
Bend Radius (180° bend): ½T

Excellent corrosion resistance

Suitable for coil coating, powder – and spray coating and excellent anodizing quality.

Good formability, deep drawing and bending properties.

This product can be welded b MIG, TIG, LASER and high frequenecy methods. This alloy is Brazeable.

  • General engineering product requiring moderate strength.
  • Overhead conductors.
  • Domestic hollowware.
  • Foil.