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Aluminium  Foil Tape

A high tensile strength aluminium foil backing, combined with a high performance solvent acrylic adhesive, protected by an easy-release silicone release paper.

Technical Data

This product is used predominately in the Hvac industries to join foil faced duct insulation materials, sealing cold store insulation, heat reflection, power-coating and hard chroming.
The standard size comes in 56m lengths with widths being 48mm and 75mm. Available in 35 and 24 micron.
  • High quality adhesive with strong adhesion and holding power offers permanent sealing and bonding on joints and seams in HVAC ductwork apllication.
  • Good aging resistance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Low moisture vapour transmission rate offers excellent sealing and patching performance.

These products should be tested before use, to ensure suitability for intended application.