Alucushion Thermal Insulation

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Alucushion Thermal Insulation


Insulation is not a one trick pony. There are more options for thermal insulation than some people might think. Many people believe that fiberglass insulation is the only form of building insulation. This is not true and there are other means of doing this while considering other factors to the building, the structure and other external variables to offer the best form of thermal insulation for each individual’s needs. Alucushion is a great choice for thermal insulation and it is accompanied with many benefits. It is tested to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

What is Alucushion Thermal Insulation?

Alucushion thermal insulation is insulation that is created by a process of constant lamination of low density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates. This creates cells made of immobilised dry air bubbles. These cells of air are perfect for keeping heat within the building. It is coupled with the low emissivity and high reflectivity of the aluminium foil surface, which creates a highly effective, and budget friendly means of thermal insulation.

The Benefits of Alucushion Thermal Insulation

There are many benefits to alucushion as a choice of thermal insulation. Firstly, it has excellent fire retardation properties, it is quality tested by Firelab to ensure that it does not contribute to the spreading of any fires and flames. It is a strong and light material that has been designed to have a high levels of tear resistance. An important quality about it is that it is a non-toxic product that will go in your home or work space. It is also a waterproof product as well as vermin proof. This allows the product to be safe, as well as durable under your roof.


There are various forms and means of insulating your home or building to enjoy optimal thermal comfort, and Alucucshion is a great example of it. If you would like to know more about this product, be sure to contact Insulpro. They are the leading suppliers of insulation products throughout Southern Africa.

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