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All-purpose re-usable adjustable clamps and strapping. The Simclip was initially developed for the sole purpose of fastening air conditioning flexible ducting to round diffusers. The device is completely foolproof, user-friendly, quick and easily assembled to form a strong permanent rust resistant clamp fastener. The Simclip was designed and developed to provide the user with the simplicity of tensioning, strapping and it is ideal for insulation cladding without the need for expensive strapping/tensioner machines. The Simclip is a multi-functional application which can also be used to fasten electric cabling and water piping very effectively and efficiently. Wooden pallet strapping and the secure fastening of timber to any shape and size is an easy day’s work for the Simclip. In fact, the list of uses for this little piece of ingenuity are inexhaustible. In a nutshell, the Simclip rates itself as the most economical of the applications in the “FASTENING WORLD” when compared on strength, effectiveness, simplicity and being maintenance free. The Simclip may also be re-used over and over again, simply by releasing the clip from the metal strip and you can use it repeatedly.

Technical Data

The Simclip is formed by the clamp and split-pin combination. This comprises of a galvanised sheet metal clamp which houses a steel split-pin that has been electroplated for rust prevention. The galvanised sheet metal strip which is 10mm wide and 0.5mm thick is supplied in a standard 30 meter roll, but can also be supplied to any specified length, or ready to use Simclip clamp units made up to any length (circumference).

Providing maximum strength the Simclip design is manufactured to international standards, making use of the highest quality components and material available.

All it takes is a nail, a few Simclips and a roll of galvanised metal strip to put a strong tight band of steel where ever it is required.



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