A Sound Solution

A Sound Solution

They’re bothering you and somehow the outpour of soundwaves from your creative masterpiece is bothering them. If you’re a musician of any kind, then you’re probably familiar with this scene and how disruptive it is to be told to “keep it down”.
Is Sound-Proofing Seriously Necessary?
Chances are, if you play an instrument or produce music in a space that hasn’t been adequately sound-proofed, you’re contributing to something known as noise pollution (yeah, it’s a real thing).
On the other side of that coin, noise pollution can affect you too by interfering with the sounds your music is generating and by making it more difficult for you to maintain concentration.
Who Needs Sound-Proofing?
Anyone who plans on recording anything that they hope has a chance of gaining some professional weight should ensure that their recording space is adequately sound-proofed. Nothing screams unprofessional quite like hearing someone talking in the distance on your recording.
Preventing flanking transmission or external sounds are also important for any public space where the atmosphere of the room needs to be preserved.
Productive Nights and Unhappy Neighbours
You’re an artist which probably means creativity hits you at all different hours of the day and night. Musicians and producers often construct some of their best pieces late at night; but whilst the likelihood of you being disturbed is at its lowest, you’re probably disturbing your neighbours – not good.

Insulation Solutions
Most (well-built) houses have insulation at various locations. This is for temperature regulation (both hot and cold). Essentially, it prevents unwanted energy exchange via the loss of heat or cool air. The good news is that this works the same way for sound. In fact, many insulation companies offer sound-proofing solutions because of this. Contact Insulpro for more information or visit their website.

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