2415 Flame Retardant  Mastic Blue & White

Mastic 2415 has been designed for application to roofs, walls and thermal insulation systems to protect and improve appearance as well as provide a flame retardant waterproof seal. The coating, which may be applied by brush or airless spray dries to become a plastic membrane. This will withstand extreme climatic conditions and severe atmospheric pollutions.

Technical Data

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BE2 Bitumen

BE2 may be used as a waterproofing system as well as a vapour barrier compound for use in thermal insulation applications. BE2 emulsion is an aqueous dispersion of specially selected pure asphalts combined with fillers and additives to render it water and chemical resistant. The product dries to a semi-plastic film, which gradually loses its surface tackiness as it hardens. It is non-flammable when wet and so eliminates fire risk at the time of application.


Technical Data

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The information contained in this technical data sheet is to the best of our knowledge correct. NO GUARANTEE IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Users must satisfy themselves as to the efficacy of the product in their application.


Q147 Mastic Black

Q147 is an acrylic copolymer/pigment blend designed for applications where exceptional durability, flexibility and UV resistance is required. It is particularly suited for use as a protective coating on roof coverings of all kinds and is ideal for rejuvenating faded roof tiles. Q147 is also recommended as a top quality wall and floor coating, where durability and wash-ability is required.

Technical Data

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Mastic 835 grey

Mastic 835 “Acryl-Seal” is a seamless waterproofing system of outstanding quality and versatility. It is non-bituminous and liquid applied, curing to a tough elastomeric compound, which has excellent durability, weathering characteristics and chemical resistance. The system consists of five coats of “Acryl-Seal” applied in combination with reinforcing membrane.

Technical Data

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