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2415 Flame Retardant  Mastic Blue & White

Mastic 2415 has been designed for application to roofs, walls and thermal insulation systems to protect, improve appearance and provide a flame retardant waterproof seal. The coating, which may be applied by brush or airless spray dries to become a plastic membrane, which will withstand extreme climatic conditions and severe atmospheric pollutions.

Technical Data

Colour Blue and White
Base Internally plasticized emulsion
Solids Content 60  ±  1%
Viscosity Thick Paste
Mass per litre 1.35kg
Solvent\Cleanup Water whilst wet
Coat Rate 1 – 2m2 \ Ltr per coat
Recommended dry film thickness 0.8  –  1.2 mm
Drying time 2 – 3 hours at 25°C  (hard dry  –  4 hours min.)

Mastic 2415 may be applied by brush or by airless spray (25 : 1 ratio pump with follower plate)

Dusty or powdery surfaces should be brushed or wiped with a damp cloth. Any oil or grease on the surface should be removed with a cloth soaked in solvent. If very friable or porous surfaces are to be coated, it is recommended that a primer is applied. Two coats of Mastic 2415 are normally sufficient to give adequate protection. A drying time of 2 hours is required between coats.

Each dry coating should be 0.6 mm thick, equivalent to coverage of approx. 2m2 \ Ltr per coating. Coating has good resistance to mechanical damage, this property may be enhanced by the incorporation of a reinforcing membrane such as scrim or bandage/cloth between coatings of Mastic 2415.

The water resistance of 2415 is not achieved until the coating is dry. It is recommended, therefore, that the material is only applied outdoors during periods of settled dry weather.

Mastic 2415 is suitable for application to concrete, brickwork, slate and felt roofs, plywood and chipboard. In particular it provides a means of encapsulating asbestos insulation in order to obviate the hazard of loose dust and fibre.

Foamed insulates such as polystyrene or polyurethane may be coated with Mastic 2415 in order to protect against weathering, ultra-violet light and the risk of fire spreading from an external source.

 Application Temp. Limits 10°C to 40°C
Storage Temp. Limit 0°C to 40°C
Service Temp. Limit 10°C to 120°C
Flammability (ISO R340) complies
Water Vapour Permeance (ASTM E96)  = 0,18 g/24h/m2/mm Hg
Combustibility Non-combustible
Shelf Life 6 months minimum in unopened containers. Stir well before use.
  • Protect from freezing during storage and use
  • Not to be used for continuous immersion
  • Not resistant to hot oil
10% – No effect Alcohol – Moderate attack NH4OH – No effect Salt Spray – No effect
10%  HCOOH – No effect Aromatic Oil – Slight attack NaOH – Slight attack Ozone
10%  HNO – No effect White Spirits – Moderate attack
10%  H2SO4 – Slight attack