All About Alububble

//All About Alububble

Alububble is a very high performance type of reflective insulation, it is also known as a radiant barrier. Alububble is cost effective and it is a simple way to cut down on your cooling bills in summer when reflective radiant heat would normally be entering your roof through the tiles or corrugated iron.

What does alububble actually consist of?

Alububble consists of a layer of polyethylene with low density air cells that are sealed together on both sides of the alububble with aluminum foil. On the one side it has a white bubble foil finish which often has a better look than the standard insulation foil.


Does Alububble work in winter?


Like many other reflective insulation products, alububble is mainly used to reduce cooling costs in summer. In winter there isn’t much need for it, alububble is used more to block and reflect radiant heat from coming in through your roof. For insulation in winter we would recommend Aerolite ceiling insulation.


Single Sided Alububble


This product is single sided and it was designed not to burn, it will also not present a fire hazard when installed in your home, industrial or commercial building. Single sided alububble has been tested in accordance and it meets the requirements of the SANS 428:2007.


Double sided alububble


Double sided alububble is slightly most costly than single sided alububble. And it is also designed to meet the requirements of the SANS 428:2007. Double sided alububble will not contribute to the spread of flames like other cellulose insulation products do.


Is alububble a water vapor barrier?


Not only will your alububble offer thermal properties in summertime, but it will also act as a water and moisture barrier throughout the year. Below are a few benefits of alububble:

  • Water vapor barrier
  • Thermal insulation
  • Longer lasting
  • Reducing your cooling bills
  • Enhances light in factories
  • It is a moisture barrier
  • Has a more appealing look


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