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Your One-Stop Insulation Shop ! For all your Insulation needs

As a “One-stop Insulation shop” Insulpro can offer insulation solutions across all temperature ranges and applications.

No temperatures too hot or too cold! Insulation Products South Africa include thermal
and acoustic materials.

Whether it is duct insulation, pipe insulation, polystyrene insulation products chilled insulation, hot insulation, fire stopping or sound insulation,
Insulpro has the expertise and product range to meet all your insulation requirements.

Specialising in Boiler Insulation, HVAC Air-conditioning insulation for ducting and chilled water pipework, Steam pipe insulation, Generator
exhausts, and generator acoustic insulation, water storage vessels, calorifiers even ceiling insulation and dry wall partition cavity insulation.

Why Choose Insulpro?

All products supplied by Insulpro are sourced to comply with the stringent specifications required by leading Consulting Engineers. As an official Saint Gobain / Isover distributor, Insulpro offers the complete range of Fiberglass/Mineral wool insulation which includes Ductwrap, Sonic Liners, Pipe sections (with all available Vapor barrier finishes), Rockwool slabs, batts and rolls – as used for sound  attenuation or fire proofing.

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Your One-Stop Insulation Shop